Becoming Big and a Superhero

Birthday Cake with the number 5 on it

A Short Conversation Between Mom and Son

Mom, I don’t think I want to be 5.

Why, sweetie?

I’ll have to be big.

What’s wrong with being big?

You don’t hold and cuddle me like you do Hallie.

Yes, I guess I don’t. Of course, you aren’t really as cuddly with me like you were when you were littler. You were a pretty independent child. You wanted to be active and play and do anything else but sit in my arms. It’s not better or worse, just different.

Do you love her more?

Never. My love for you is huge and so is my love for her. My heart is overfilled with love for you both.

Do you wish I was little?

No, because then I’d wish that all the time. You don’t stop growing until you become a daddy. And even then you’ll be my baby boy.

Are you turning 5 too on your birthday?

Yes, for the 36th time.

Wow. What’s your favorite part about being 5?

Well, you know how Superman has an S on his outfit? When you turn 5, we have to put a big 5 on your cake. You know what a 5 looks like? A big S. So when you turn 5, your superhero status officially starts.

That rocks!

I think so too.