Being a Parent When Your Own Is Ill

Yesterday, I got terrible news that my dad was back in the hospital. I can’t help but feel torn.

He had knee surgery about a month and a half ago and had complication with an bad infection. After spending all that time in the hospital he returned home and continued antibotics with my mom’s help.

Now the infection’s back–or it never left–and they just performed surgery to remove all that they had done to his knee because the infection is so bad. All that work for nothing. I feel so bad for my dad.

So, here I am at home with my family trying to keep it normal but my thoughts are with my father. It may just be an infection but who knows how serious it is now and my mom is so upset that they are back at square one. It’s hard when your heart is spilt in two places. My son is immersed in school prep work and baby girl is potty training. I have the busyness of my family at home but my parents need me. What to do?

I’m blessed with an amazing husband. He booked a flight and I’m leaving to spend time, talk to doctors and help keep everyone in good spirits, even if it’s just for a few days. I’m very lucky. Some other parents may not be so fortunate because they can’t take the time off or have the money to go. It’s more than just trying to balance being supportive and managing your family.  When it’s your own parents to care for, everyone has their own opinion.

Have you had an ill parent while managing being a parent yourself? How did you balance your priorities? Were you able to have support?