Best Bedtime Routines for Toddlers

A warm bath will calm children down before they go to sleep.

Once children reach toddler age, parents can encounter a number of issues. From wetting the bed to picky eating habits, kids have a wide array of worries that can stress adults out. One of the more prevalent is not wanting to go to sleep when bedtime rolls around.

It’s important for parents to create a bedtime routine for their youngsters to make the process that much easier. Here’s how:

Begin the process early

Children rely on consistency in their schedules. It helps them wind down quicker at night if they know the steps before bedtime. To incorporate some extra leeway, parents should begin the nighttime process a little early. Give yourself and your tot an additional half hour, just in case storytime runs long or extenuating circumstances cause your bedtime routine to begin late.


Start with a bath

Need a way to calm your kiddo down after a day with lots of activity? Try a bath! The warm water will be relaxing for high-energy toddlers, but be sure to give your little one fair warning that tub time is coming.. Add some water-friendly toys and bubbles to make the situation even more fun for you and your tot. Feel free to ask your youngster about his or her day or sing a couple of songs together. By the end of bathtime, your children will feel relaxed and ready for bed.

“The right snack will induce sleep.”

Provide a snack

While it may seem odd to give your child something to eat before he or she heads to bed, a small treat that includes protein and carbohydrates is a good thing. A small piece of cheese and a half slice of whole-wheat bread as the food will induce sleep and ensure your toddler remains asleep throughout the night. How does it work? The carbohydrates make kiddos sleepy and the protein will help your tot maintain an even blood sugar level until it’s time to wake up.

Try a night light

It’s not uncommon for children to be anxious and scared when their mom or dad gets ready to turn off the lights at night. As a result, toddlers may start to cry or refuse to go to sleep. To make bedtime less nerve racking for youngsters, try turning on a night light. The light is kind of like a safety blanket and can ensure kids don’t wake up disoriented and upset.. This addition to your bedtime routine can work wonders in making sure children sleep through the night.

Keep words to a minimum

If your child falls asleep but wakes up throughout the night, it’s best to have a routine for this situation, too. Instead of reading another book or giving your young one a second snack, simply tuck your toddler in and say “goodnight.” Keeping words to a minimum will show kiddos that bedtime isn’t playtime and everyone is trying to settle down and sleep for the night.