Best Books for a New Baby

young boy

Of all the presents we received when our babies were born, books were the best. Babies grow out of clothes so quickly, and baby toys as well. But not books! We’ve spent countless hours reading and rereading them. If you’re looking for a present (for someone else’s babe or your own), try these–what I think are the best books for a new baby. I promise the whole family will thank you!

baby-faces-baby-bookBaby Faces: I wasn’t convinced when we first received this one as a present. I thought it was silly, with not much happening. It is just as the title says, faces of babies in different emotional and physical states with a simple description, “Happy” or “Sad” or “Fast asleep”. As it turned out, this little tiny book was our #1 for many, many months. The expressions on the faces are absolutely fascinating for a little baby. Buy here.


chicka chicka boom boomChicka Chicka Boom Boom: Chika Chika Boom Boom (or kitchen boom boom as my little one calls it) is much more than a book to learn the alphabet. It’s got rhythm and style and the bright colors and graphic images that little ears and eyes love. Buy here.



say hi backpack baby!Say Hi Backpack Baby!: Betcha’ haven’t heard of this one! It’s about a little boy who’s being carried on his daddy’s back (good for the book-hungry babywearers!) when they meet another daddy carrying a little girl on his back. The little boy doesn’t talk until he sees the moon (I hope I’m not spoiling this for anyone!) and then when he does he gets very excited and says “Hi” to the moon. The little girl answers him, saying, “Hi moonie moonie moon!” and then they become friends. Buy here.


maisy playsMaisy Plays: Pretty much anything Maisy is a guaranteed hit. She’s so cute! And she does decidedly adult stuff in a toddler mouse body. You can buy some very fancy Maisy books, but for very little babies, a nice tiny book like this, in the shape of a house, with bright colors and simple statements like “Maisy hugs Panda. Kiss, kiss.” is perfect. Buy here.


baby belugaBaby Beluga: This is technically a song and not a book, but it is a song that was made into a book, so I’m putting it on the list. Also because both the Raffi song, and the beautiful, colorful painterly style of the illustrator seem highly addictive to the littlest ones. They can’t get enough of it! Buy here.


peek a whoPeek-a who?: This one is loads of fun, especially the last page when (again, forgive me for being a spoiler) in answer to “Peek a…”, comes “YOU!” with a nice round mirror for them to smush their sweet little baby noses into. They all love to do this, though I’m not sure why. Buy here.


What are your favorites? Do tell!