Best Stores to Buy Maternity Clothes

Many women adore the changes their bodies go through during pregnancy, but that’s certainly not true of every soon-to-be mother. Beyond the growing belly and diminishing waistline that can begin in the second trimester of pregnancy, many women experience changes in their hips, thighs, feet and breasts as well. For some, these changes can be a little unsettling, making them feel like they aren’t quite themselves. However, whether you love the way your body looks during pregnancy or not, there’s one thing you can do to help yourself feel a little better: buy maternity clothes you love and feel great in.

“Maternity clothing highlights the parts of your body you love.”

Maternity clothing is made to support your growing belly, highlight the parts of your body you love and help you display your personal style. Not everyone can afford a whole new maternity wardrobe, but a few key pieces can help you feel confident, lovely and proud of the changes you’re going through. Not sure where to get started? Here are a few of the best stores for maternity clothing:


Ever since Target partnered with Liz Lange, it’s been a haven for pregnant women shopping on a budget. The store’s maternity clothes range from comfy loungewear to stylish basics to professional office wear. The best part? Almost all of its maternity clothing is extremely budget-friendly.

Gap Maternity

Gap is known for its designer-quality stylish clothing at relatively inexpensive prices, and the maternity department is no different. While it’s a bit more expensive than Target and some other maternity stores, it offers high-quality basics, like jeans, tees, sweaters, tanks and much more, that many pregnant women love.

Motherhood Maternity

If you’re looking for a store dedicated solely to stylish but budget-friendly maternity clothing, Motherhood Maternity is the perfect answer. The giant retailer has stores in most cities, but it also has an amazing online store where you can buy almost anything you’re looking for, from swimwear to cocktail dresses to pajamas and everything in between.


Loft is an amazing option for moms who need to stock up on professional clothing during their pregnancy. The store’s maternity line has high-quality blazers, slacks, button-downs and basics that will keep you looking polished and feeling comfortable at the same time.

pregnant woman holding her back
Head to Target, Gap Maternity or Motherhood Maternity for great pregnancy basics.

A Pea in the Pod

Looking for an investment piece you can wear during your pregnancy? Head to A Pea in the Pod. Owned by the same parent company as Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod has a slightly higher-end selection of maternity clothing from a variety of designers. Even if you don’t buy all of your maternity clothes from this store, it’s a good place to go for trendy clothing designed with the pregnant woman in mind.

Your friend’s closet

Who says you have to buy all of your own maternity clothes? If you have a friend who was recently pregnant, see if she still has any good clothing you can snag for free. Maternity clothes are only worn for a few months, which means they still have a lot of use left in them, even after a woman has given birth. Your friend will likely be happy to pass her garments along to someone else who needs them.