Bikini While Pregnant: Yay or Nay?

Pregnant woman in bikini

It seems like I just took down our holiday decorations, but if the retail stores are to be believed, swimsuit season is fast approaching.

I’ve always been a bikini person, but with a baby due in July, I wonder if I can get away with baring my belly this summer, when I’ll be hugely pregnant. After looking at some celebrity bikini photos, I’m feeling more confident.

{Bethenny Frankel, Alanis Morissette, and Spice Girl Mel B}

Now that I think about it, what better time to wear a bikini than when you’re pregnant? You don’t have to suck anything in! Other positives: Depending on how your body has changed, you might be able to fit into your non-pregnancy suit (hooray for saving money and spending less time pale-legged under harsh dressing room lights), and even if you’re buying new, bikinis can be bought as separates to better fit your top and bottom halves.

And let’s be real: Trying to wrestle your way out of a wet one-piece at the end of the day is hard enough when you’re not pregnant, am I right?

Still not sure? Here are some more celeb bikini pics from summers past to inspire you.

{Tori Spelling, Britney Spears, Minnie Driver}

Granted, most celebrities have hot bodies to begin with and spend hours in the gym, but I still appreciate the message that baby bumps should be bared instead of hidden.

How about you? Do you dare wear a bikini while pregnant? Is now the perfect time to let it all hang out, or should all pregnant women cover up, for goodness sake?