Birth Control Pills Linked to Brain Tumors?

risks of birth control pills

As a woman who has previously taken oral contraceptives for almost 10 years, this article from Glamour magazine about a possible link between birth control pills and brain tumors completely grabbed my attention. The article states, “Danish researchers found that women under the age of 50 with a kind of rare brain tumor called glioma were 90 percent more likely to have used progesterone-containing (hormonal) contraceptives for five years or more.” Yeah, I just about stopped in my tracks while reading this. Scary.

That being said, the research is still in the very early stages. Only a small group of women were studied, and while the results show a possible link, they do not show a cause-effect relationship. Thank goodness.

Doctors are not changing their birth control recommendations just yet, as there are also many added benefits of oral contraceptives including control of irregular periods, cramps, anemia, and protection from ovarian cancer. But it still makes me wonder if I ever want to go back on this type of birth control again.

I stopped taking contraceptives when my husband and I decided to start a family. I am now pregnant with my second, and so I have not returned to using any type of birth control. Part of me was uneasy with so many of the unknowns of the long term effects of oral contraceptives. This new possible link to brain tumors is definitely a scary thought, and may fuel my decision to try a different option in the future when my husband and I are finished having children. Hopefully by that point, there may be some new research out there to prove or disprove this link, although I think it could be a ways down the road before they come up with a solid conclusion.

 What are your thoughts? If you’re currently taking this type of contraception, would this possible link fuel your decision to make a switch, or are you comfortable knowing there is no cause-effect relationship at the moment?