Birth Story: A Classic Tale of Labor and Delivery

Mother looking at her sleeping baby head to head in a hospital bed

Name: Martina                                                                                                                                                                               

Age at Birth: 24

Date of This Birth: 2/7/2012

Location: Anderson, South Carolina

Place: Hospital

Hours of Labor: 13-20

Birth Attendant: OB/GYN

Type of Birth: Vaginal, medicated

Birthing Style: Nada!

Overall vibe: Easier than I thought

Story: On February 6th I started having contractions at about 11 a.m. I called my doctor and they said to time them and call back when they were one to two minutes apart. At 7:30 p.m. my contractions were a minute apart and I went to the hospital. I was three centimeters dilated so they checked me in, and from there my contractions just got worse. Luckily my water didn’t break in the hallway or in the elevator; it broke after I got my epidural. Since the bottom half of my body was already numb when my water did break, I thought I had just peed on myself.

The doctor came and checked me again and said you are ready to go. I started pushing and an hour later our sweet baby girl was here. My epidural worked great and for the most part my labor went by with ease! Miss Emma Jade was eight pounds, 20 inches. The worst pain was after the labor and my OBGYN was stitching me up from where I tore. I did not go “number two” for a week because I was so nervous about tearing my stitches. Fortunately I did heal pretty quickly and our sweet princess is now eight months and crawling everywhere.

Wisdom for New Mom-to-Be: Don’t stress over things you can’t control. A birth plan is important but it is more of a guideline. Let the baby tell you how things are going to go and go with that flow. Stay relaxed and rest whenever you get the chance, that’s for labor and after the baby. Even 30 minutes makes a difference :-).


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