Blogging- Telling My Kid’s Stories

I’ve never been one to keep a project going for weeks or months. I get bored easy and am a victim of distraction. Things get started and then sit undone forever. I really thought that would be the case with my writing. It’s been a year and a half that I’ve been writing about my kids. Who knew this would be the project that I stuck with and love so very much?

It started out simple enough. I just wrote like I was talking to my girlfriend. Then I had another story, then another. Soon I was writing everyday and being at work away from my kids wasn’t so bad because I got to relive my experiences with them again. The added bonus: my friends and family got to see my stuff on a daily basis. The grandparents LOVED it.

It’s now my labor of love. I’ll forever have an account of what my kids have said, did, or looked like during certain benchmarks of their lives. It’s my third baby. The one that seems to need as much attention as the other two children in my house. Yet gives me unconditional love as well with feedback from readers and the opportunity to recall amazing, sad, and hilarious moments.

Do you write down your baby’s stories? Record milestones or important moments?