Breast Pumps Are Often Covered by Insurance Now

Did you know your insurance may very likely pay for a breast pump? Yeah, me either, until just the other day.

Well, in August 2012, the Affordable Care Act went into effect, and required most insurance companies to cover the cost of pumps, which as you likely know, can be incredibly pricey.

The process is not yet perfect—some insurance companies give you the run-around and/or will only cover crappy pumps, etc.—but give it shot! You may have 100%, smooth coverage on a pump of your choice. A friend just went through the process and it was easy. (I am blessed with a hand-me-down pump from a doctor friend, so I haven’t applied.)

Call your insurance company and ask:

1)   Do you have breast pump coverage?

2)   Under what conditions will you cover a breast pump? (Many must deem it “medically necessary,” but there are many categories for this—follow up with a chat with your doc/midwife.)

3)   Do I need authorization to be covered?

4)   What kinds of breast pumps do you cover?

5)   What is the process for purchasing and getting coverage?

6)   How long between my request and actually receiving money/pump—how far in advance can I/should I make my request?

Here’s a whole lot more info on the wheres and whys of pump coverage.

Even if you’re not due for a while, it’s worth looking into this now, because it may take some time to process your request. A good (read: electric and easy to use and carry) breast pump could make the difference between a successful breastfeeding experience, and a not-so-great or limited one, especially if you’ll be working full time.

If it turns out your insurance is behind the times with coverage, you have options—you can rent a breast pump from either your local hospital or drugstore.

Good luck!