Breastfeeding PSAs Stir It Up!

Have you seen this ad? It stars Jessica and her beautiful baby girl. The baby, clearly too young to talk, delivers a crucial pro-breastfeeding message. But it’s not really the baby talking: The ad’s been made with voiceover – and the baby’s got a full set of teeth.

The ad went viral. Many bloggers focused on how freaked out they were by cartoon teeth. Question:  When does a gimmick get in the way of a life-saving message?

Louisville, Kentucky produced the series of pro-breastfeeding ads starring African American moms, dads and babies. And now, because of the stir that it caused, the talking baby ad will be redone, Kathy Harrison, communications director of Louisville Metro Public Health Department, told Mom365. In the new ads, the baby will be jolly, silent and toothless.

“No, we didn’t hear any worries from mothers about being bitten by babies with teeth,” says Harrison. But there was another issue with the ads: “We heard some criticism from breastfeeding advocates who objected to Hooter Hiders being mentioned in the ad. But some mothers are shy and prefer that privacy during breastfeeding.”

Meanwhile, an Orange County ad with newborn babies chatting about breastfeeding is a huge hit. The ad is aimed at the large Vietnamese community. Pre-schoolers do the voiceovers in Vietnamese – with English subtitles – for two adorable babies. The Vietnamese babies offer some life-saving insights, such as the info that rinsing a baby’s mouth with water can make him sick. These babies are appropriately toothless.

Cartoon babies were considered for the ads but 32 focus groups preferred the Look Who’s Talking approach.

So now we’re wondering: Are talking babies the next thing in breastfeeding advocacy? Are they more convincing than a talking doctor? (Do you love the Orange County ad?) Weigh in!