Brushing Powerful Pregnancies Under the Rug?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer had a baby boy today. Magazine readers browsingFortune magazine yesterday wouldn’t know she was pregnant, though; their cover story of Mayer featured an old photo of her looking slim and trim. The very fact that Mayer earned a CEO position in her second trimester seemed groundbreaking a few months ago, so why is Fortune pretending she wasn’t pregnant?

Maybe Mayer didn’t have time to pose for a cover shoot, but she had to know she’s a bit of an icon for working moms right now, and to allow a non-pregnancy picture in her Fortune profile seems a disservice to women everywhere. Then again, maybe she just hated the way she looked pregnant; I’m not sure if I would want a picture of me 39 weeks pregnant circulating nationwide.

What do you think? Should Mayer have insisted that Fortune use a pregnant photo of her? Or is this a non-issue?