BuckyBalls and Bumbo Seats- Still a Major Child Safety Issue

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You’ve probably seen the news reports on BuckyBalls; those tiny magnets that are a creative outlet marketed for adults. Problem is that little hands are getting a hold of the BB like magnets and swallowing them. Per safety commissions request, 11 out of 12 manufacters have pulled the products from the market. BuckyBalls and a similar product, Zen Magnets are fighting to keep their items in stores. Why? They don’t believe they are at fault. And neither do I.

It’s not enough anymore to keep items like this away from children. It’s a common sense thing. As in, people just don’t use it. As adult parents caring for small children, you simply don’t keep something like this around for a kid to put in their mouth. If you have an outlet in the wall, you cover it. If you have a cabinet filled with household cleaners, you lock it up. If you own a toy that consists of small metal magnets that a child could put in their mouth and choke on or swallow and get poisoned from, you keep it somewhere away from your children!

Then there’s the child safety issue in which the use of a child seat should be pretty black and white. The Bumbo Seat has been recalled AGAIN. I’ve written about this item before. This time, the people at Bumbo got tired of their item not being used properly. They tell users of their product to get the safety kit which includes a belt harness to attach to the seat so that people will strap their kids in WHEN THEY PUT THEM ON A TABLE INSTEAD OF THE FLOOR AS STATED IN THE SAFETY INFORMATION FROM THE BUMBO COMPANY. 84 children suffered injuries since 2007, 21 resulted in skull fractures.

The product is meant to be used on the floor. Period. Yet since 2007, 84 children got hurt? 84???

What is unfortunate is that the Bumbo website AND the Bumbo hotline provided for parents to receive their new safety Bumbo Seat kit is down and having issues. Oops. Now parents are mad they bought a product that’s recalled and now they are pissed that they can’t get the kit in a timely fashion. Trying to manage good PR with the public while not losing money from the cost of pulling your product completely, Bumbo is having a tough time.

Why put BuckyBalls, an adult marketed toy, and Bumbo Seat, a product for children, in the same boat?

Easy. Common sense.