A Stroller That’s a Work of (Expensive) Art

van gogh stroller

We all know a stroller is a necessity when you have a baby. But, all strollers are not created equal. Some are lightweight. Some are easy to fold. Some have a sunshade. Now, some even feature the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh.

Bugaboo is rolling out a new stroller line with the aspiring artist in mind. Van Gogh’s painting “Almond Blossom” is painted on it. The flowers signify birth and new beginnings…a perfect match for your new bundle of joy. It’s also to honor Dutch company Bugaboo’s 15th anniversary, which coincides with the Van Gogh Museum’s 125th anniversary–double Dutch, indeed.

Don’t get me wrong, the Van Gogh stroller is a beauty, but the level of “fancy” may be a little too much for someone in diapers. You know the stroller is bound to get milk and plenty of other liquids all over it. That’s just what happens when you have babies.

This whole thing got me wondering… is “stroller personality” a thing now? Are babies secretly comparing which ones have more flare when all the moms roll up? Most likely not, but maybe the moms are? Who knows? Perhaps personality is taking over for practicality when it comes to baby gear.

I do know that there has to be a market for these types of strollers because if there wasn’t then companies wouldn’t waste their time making them. I also know I’m going to sound a lot like my mother here, but “when I was growing up, we never had all of these kinds of fancy strollers.” We seemed to have survived just fine. My babies also survived without their Van Gogh strollers. Trust me, they still have plenty of personality and spunk despite not getting rolled around in style.

If you want your stroller to introduce your child to art at a young age, that’s great. But, there are plenty of books that will do the trick too, and probably for a lot cheaper! Did I mention the stroller starts at $869? That’s a whole lot of personality!

If I’m going to invest in any type of Van Gogh, it’s going to go on my wall (a print, mind you), not my stroller. Just sayin’.

What kind of stroller do you use for your baby? Do you think “stroller personality” is going too far these days?