Bumbo Seats Are Pronounced a Bomb

Happy infant baby boy using training Bumbo seat to sit up

Bumbo seats are a bomb?

The Bumbo Baby Seat is one of those favorite mom purchases that promises to have developmental benefits for the baby and to help enhance posture.

But according to an article in the Chicago Tribune, therapists say that the Bumbo, which is supposed to prop up an infant in a sitting position before he‘s ready to sit on his own, actually teaches babies incorrect postural alignment, potentially leading to a rounded back and forward-leaning head. The story is one of 3 Bumbo-bashing articles in the Tribune on the same day; another asks if the seat should be recalled again for safety reasons.

Physical therapist and director of developmental, rehabilitative and child life services at Chicago’s La Rabida Children’s Hospital, Colleen Harper, says, “No equipment enhances a child’s motor skills.  Parents looking for developmental benefits should play with their baby and encourage movement.  A gross motor skill like sitting is achieved through movement and practice.  Children fall out of Bumbo seats because they do not yet have the requisite strength, balance, and coordination needed for sitting.”

While many parents say their children look happy in the Bumbo, Mary Weck, clinical coordinator of physical therapy at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, argues that babies can be happy in many other positions.

What’s your take? Do you love your Bumbo anyway?