Busy Philipps Says Second Baby is a Breeze!

busy phillips with baby

I think it’s safe to say that most women who are pregnant for the first time are a little nervous. Maybe not noticably anxious, but there’s a lot to think about and do before your due date — and then there’s the baby to take care of! It can be pretty stressful even if you’re laid-back Lilly. But the second one? Fuhggedaboudit!

Busy Philipps is living proof of the theory that the second time’s a charm. The Cougar Town actress recently gave birth to her second baby girl, Cricket, and has been quoted saying, “I’m way more relaxed. I was a total basket case with my first child, and I wouldn’t even put her down or let anyone else hold her. I was just so terrified, and now I know that it’s okay. And I can let other people hold the baby.” 

It’s funny how that is. With the first one you want to do everything perfectly and you’re afraid anything and everything you do will affect the baby for the rest of its life. Cloth diapers or disposable? Breast or bottle? Homeschool or public school? Organic or not organic? The questions are endless and at the end of the day the choices you make could determine whether or not your child is successful in life. Kidding! But really, I think that’s how moms feel sometimes because everything just seems so HUGE when you’re bringing this tiny, perfect, unadulterated being into the world. There are a lot of choices you make as a parent and with all the conflicting information out there, it’s easy to feel like you’re making the wrong one.

But somehow with the second baby you start to realize that no matter what you choose, as long as your child is loved, healthy, and happy, and you know in your heart you’re doing the best you can, it’ll all work out. It’s the second-child confidence. I wonder if that’s an actual thing in psychology… hmmmm….