Buying Gifts for the Husband as a SAHM, Yes?

Small handmade gift box over shiny ornaments

Not getting a paycheck as a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) comes with the territory. It’s just something you get used to after a while. But, around the holidays, it can be a little harder to digest. Especially if you want to buy a gift for your husband or significant other who makes the very paycheck you are going to use to buy that gift.

While you or your kids may want to buy something for Daddy to put under the tree, is it really just silly? If he really wanted something that badly, couldn’t he just go and buy it himself? Ugh, what’s a momma to do?

I think you can look at this two ways. There’s the “It’s not his money, it’s our money” way of thinking. Yes, he’s making the money, but it’s for the entire household, not just him. So, if you want to take some money to buy him a little gift, go for it.

Then, there are those who believe they shouldn’t buy a gift because they didn’t contribute to the bank account, so it’s not really from them. They don’t have their “own” money to spend on a gift, so it’s pointless. Quite frankly, if you are a SAHM, you and your family are probably making a lot of sacrifices. The thought of gifts for each other may not even be on your radar. Perhaps you and your family don’t exchange gifts at all. We all know gifts are not the reason for the season.

My husband and I don’t really exchange gifts anymore. The gift thing is more for the kids now. We each get a little something that’s from the kids, but that’s about it. I’d rather take any extra money and use it for a date night or something like that. I’m more about making memories than buying gifts.

I’ve also had the kids make gifts in years past. Those are always far better than anything I could ever find at the mall. If there’s something my husband or I want, we’re certainly not going to wait for the holidays to ask each other for it. That, to me, is silly.

What’s your take on all of this?