C-section Tweeted Live : #Cool or #TMI?


The birth of a child is one of those moments in life where you have so many emotions going on you feel like you’re going to explode. You’re excited, scared, curious, all rolled into one big ball of contracting hormonal nerves. Most likely you’re sharing the experience with those near and dear to you, but what about sharing it with the world…live?

That’s what happened recently at one Texas hospital where a C-section was tweeted in real time. They were typing away, all from the first incision to when mom meant her new bundle of joy. It all played out for the world to read, minute by minute, in 140 characters or less, of course! There were even pictures and video to round out the experience.

While I would be interested to read the play by play when all was said and birthed, I think a part of me would feel overexposed if that part of my life was made so public. Is anyone else with me on this one?

We now live in a world where we post, tweet, or pin every detail of our lives, so it doesn’t surprise me that a C-section would be tweeted live. From what we’re eating for breakfast to what kind of underwear we have on…we seem to feel the need to tell everyone, everything. For some reason we also seem to think everyone cares too!

Call me old fashioned, but I think some things can and should still be kept private, including the birth of a child. While it may be cool for outsiders to read about, I think it is a case of #TMI. How about you?