Caffeine Lover Alert!

Coffee drinkers, rejoice! While caffeine and pregnancy aren’t the greatest combo, according to a study published last week, drinking coffee while you’re nursing might not be bad for your baby.

The study shows that while babies of mothers who were heavy consumers of caffeine were slightly more likely to wake frequently during the night compared with babies of moms who drank much less caffeine, the effect was small enough that it may have been due to chance differences between the groups. And for moms who drank only a cup or two a day, the differences were nonexistent.

One possible reason for the fact that caffeine appears not to affect infants’ sleep habits is that babies born to mothers who drink coffee during pregnancy have developed a tolerance to it, according to the researchers. What if you gave up coffee during your pregnancy? The researchers have no answer for that – but they did say that almost all of the moms they studied had consumed caffeine while they were pregnant.

So, all you have to worry about now is, why is you baby not sleeping?