Celeb Moms Doing Good

celebrity shakira smiles and looks into the camera

Shining the light on Shakira

It’s nice to read about celebs and forget about the problems in the world for a few. It’s even better to read about celebs who are working to change the problems in the world.

Tonight I read an article written by new mom Shakira, and I was pleasantly surprised to find she is a dedicated advocate for education equality around the world. Who knew?

At the tender age of 18, Shakira started the Barefoot Foundation, which is “devoted to ensuring that every child can exercise his or her basic right to a quality education.” The US-based charity’s mission is to “make education universally available to every child.”

Shakira’s foundation has done some amazing things over the years, including building six schools in Colombia, each containing a community center to benefit the local residents, and creating a feeding program so participating kids are learning on full stomachs.

Shakira is now 36 years old and mom to seven-month-old son, Milan. Her foundation is still going strong, and her passion for improving children’s access to education is even greater.

She writes about how her fame as a successful recording artist has given her the opportunity to use her voice to bring attention to the “need for universal access to quality education for those nearly 60 million kids who don’t have it, and millions more who are far from receiving the benefits of early childhood development programs.”

I remember donating to Shakira and boyfriend Gerard Pique’s “World Baby Shower” when their son was born back in January. Basically, in celebration of their baby, they wanted people to give to UNICEF and help less fortunate babies around the world. How incredibly selfless.

I don’t follow Shakira that much. I love her catchy songs of course, but I can’t say she is always on my radar. From now on, she will be. I love that this huge star is going out of her way to make the world a better place. For that I am her new biggest fan. 

You can read Shakira’s article here, and learn more about her Barefoot Foundation here.