Celebrate Everything You Do

smiling family in santa helper hats taking picture

Last week I talked about my favorite approach to photographing kids—including my own, which is to capture them exactly as they are.

Yes, if I know I’m going to be taking photos, I’ll pay attention to what I dress them in and place them in a good location with good light, but I find the best and most meaningful photos are the ones I never could have planned or predicted.

After all, the best things in life are often unexpected.

This holiday season, amongst the hustle and bustle and chaos, use photography as the lens through which to look for and find real moments of quiet that you will treasure.

Look away from the center of activity to find the child quietly playing in the corner, whether engrossed in a new activity or playing with an old favorite toy. Take a moment outside of scheduled activities to notice your kids whispering quietly together, or playing happily side by side. Enjoy a moment after the kids are all finally asleep to capture some of the details of this time—the discarded wrapping paper or the ornament your two-year-old hung slightly askew on the lowest branch of the tree.

And when the celebrations are done, take the time to look through your photos of the day and see the joy and magic and excitement that you created for your family. Don’t beat yourself up for what went wrong—be gentle and kind to yourself and celebrate everything that you do not only during the holidays but every single day.

You are an amazing mom.

Happy holidays!