Celebrity Moms Tweet Their Thoughts and Prayers to Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing

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Heartfelt tweets and essays from Alyssa Milano, Mayim Bialik, Ben Affleck, and more.

The constant refrain from yesterday’s horrifying bombing at the Boston Marathon is expressing thanks at how a tragedy brings all sorts of people together. That’s especially true for celebrities: Whether they live in Hollywood, New York City, or in-between, many famous moms took to Twitter to try and sort through their thoughts. We’re used to celebrities seeming pretty distanced from day-to-day life, but their heartfelt tweets and essays prove that they’re just as scared and grieving as the rest of us.

Alyssa Milano’s tweet late last night garnered nearly 1,000 retweets–and no surprise:

Alyssa Milano Boston Marathon Twitter Screenshot

The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik demurred that “there really are not words” to describe how she feels, but this piece she wrote for Kveller tugged at my heartstrings:

It’s not possible to imagine writing a blog post about anything right now in light of the horrific bombing in Boston yesterday.

I do want to share one observation, however. When I watched the footage of the explosions, I saw everyone (of course) running away, to safety. And then I saw the Boston police officers. They didn’t run away. They took a pause and then they started to run–towardsthe blast. Towards the smoke, and towards the wounded and the blood and the shrapnel. Towards someone’s son and daughter lying on the ground.

What an incredible show of courage and bravery: to choose a life where when things explode and people are dying and are maimed and losing limbs on the street, that you run towardsthem. And you risk your life because that’s your calling.

I’ve written about the fire fighter paramedics who saved my hand eight months ago when I was in a terrible car accident, but never more than today do I feel the need to salute the brave men and women of the police force, fire department, National Guard, Armed Forces, and all others who choose to run towards tragedy because it’s what they do.

It warms my heart and breaks it at the same time.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims, the city of Boston, and the families and friends of those who run towards bombs and smoke and horrific tragedy and not away from it.

So many famous moms made sure to acknowledge what had happened and tweet inspirational messages to their followers:

Katie Couric Boston Marathon Twitter Screenshot

Holly Robinson Peete Boston Marathon Twitter Screenshot

Hillary Duff Boston Marathon Twitter Screenshot

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Reality-stars-turned-moms were surprisingly somber:

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Kim Kardashian Boston Marathon Twitter Screenshot

Even celebrity dads got in on this. We’ll count Liev Schreiber and Ben Affleck in our list because their wives don’t have Twitter accounts, but we know that Naomi Watts and Jennifer Garner share their spouses’ sentiments.

Liev Schreiber Boston Marathon Twitter Screenshot

Ben Affleck Boston Marathon Twitter Screenshot

Be safe, everyone.

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