Celine Dion is Not A Cool Mom

Celine Dion

Every mom has been there or will be there eventually… And pretty much everyone remembers that time period in their life….

When their mom was SO NOT COOL. It often starts in junior high or even the later years of elementary school. Your mom drops you off at school and you rush out of the car without letting her kiss you goodbye and hope no one saw you. Your mom was just not cool, no matter how hard she tried and you were embarrased by everything she said and did.

Well, guess what? Even a superstar like Celine Dion is just a dorky mom, according to her 12-year-old son, René-Charles. Get this: She is not even his favorite singer! What?! Celine revealed in a recent interview with Access Hollywood that her son prefers Eminem.

However, when RenĂ© found out his mom’s newest song, “Loved Me Back to Life,” was written by a star who’s more his speed, Sia Furler, who’s worked with Rhianna and David Guetta, he took notice. Celine said her son “couldn’t believe it because I’m not cool, and I’m not Rihanna.” She said he went on about how it must be a mistake because Sia is too cool to be writing songs for his mom!

As for Celine? She is appreciative of Sia’s help, saying, “It’s like, thank you, Sia. Maybe this will help us!”