Chips and Kicking People Out of Bed

mother with child laughing in bed

You guys know how much I love my daughter, right? She’s the moon and the stars. Right now, she’s currently co-sleeping because she’s too big for the crib. We are in the process of upgrading the crib to toddler bed. It’s a task that will take both of us. Life is just too busy.

Nevertheless, it must be done. While I enjoy the cuddles and snuggling, they don’t outweigh the feet slaps and peeing on my mattress-top. My comfy billowy mattress-top. That now smells more like urine than not.

Not wanting to disturb the not-so-perfect sleeping situation, I’m making plans to create an easy transition. Same blankets, sippy cup at ready for her late night craving for something to drink (baby steps, people), same time (hours before she normally goes to sleep) and same songs to lull her to slumber. I know it’ll be a long process to undo the damage we’ve done but I’m not regretful.

As a parent, a normal everyday doesn’t try to be perfect parent, I won’t take away the nights that she cried out with terrors and I could get to her immediately (something we couldn’t respond to as quickly with my son because he was sleeping in his own bed). I won’t regret the nights that she slept in my shoulder and arm crack because she woke up saying “I cuwwle, mommy.” I’ll never feel bad about the moments when we watched American Idol together or when she looked into my face, 2 inches from my face, and said

Mommy, can I have one chip? Just one, pease. Just one chip.

And I said, Yes baby girl….anything you want. Even though I’ll have crumbs in my hair in the morning.