How to Choose a Winter Maternity Coat

maternity coat

Consider yourself lucky if you are able to make it through  your pregnancy without purchasing a maternity coat.  I had a summer baby, and was barely showing during the winter.  Instead I relied on maxi dresses and flip-flops.  But if you find yourself in the second half of pregnancy during these frigid winter temps, then you will most definitely want to find yourself a maternity coat.

The first impression you make in the winter is with your outerwear.  That fact remains even if you are pregnant.  You will probably end up wearing your maternity coat pretty regularly for a few months, so make sure it’s something you’re comfortable in and that you enjoy.  Yes, maternity coats can be expensive, so definitely check with friends and neighborhood moms’ groups to see if anyone has any lightly used hand-me downs they’re ready to part with.  You could also scour some thrift stores or consignment stores to find something at a bargain price.  Heavy maternity coats can get pricey, so another option is to buy a lighter one and layer up underneath.

Personally, I think a heavy maternity coat is worth the investment, especially if you plan to use a baby carrier once your little one arrives.  Although I had a summer baby, I carried my baby all around my city for the entire winter season.  It was tough to fit most of my coats around both myself and my baby, so I was a bit jealous of those moms who already had maternity coats to use.

In terms of styling, a wrap coat is my personal favorite, because it can grow with you as your belly gets larger and larger.  I’ve also seen maternity coats with a double zipper, making the coat expandable for your growing belly.  A winter parka is another great option that will keep you extremely warm.  Try to find one with a drawstring waist that you can adjust as you grow.  All three of these coats could potentially work before, during, and after your pregnancy.

A detailed neckline is a great idea if you want to draw attention away from your growing curves.  Also, it’s important to pay attention to the drape of the coat.  Make sure the coat falls so that it’s flattering to your body instead of emphasizing your bulk.  Lastly, in my opinion, longer is better in terms of length.  Not only will that keep you the warmest, but it will also be the most flattering for your pregnant body.

More than likely you will only buy or use one maternity coat, so make sure you look and feel fabulous in it.  Also, make sure it’s getting the job done and keeping you warm!  Best of luck and happy shopping!