Claire Danes’ Baby Name: A Rising Star?

claire danes

Fresh off the shocking season 2 finale of Homeland, its Emmy award-winning star Claire Danes has even more exciting news. She and her husband, actor Hugh Dancy, welcomed their first child earlier this week–a son named Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy.

We’re particularly excited about this naming news because a couple of years ago we predicted a rise in babies named Cyrus and so far we’ve seen it in the charts, but not in the celebrity naming world, until now. In addition to the movie Cyrus that came out in 2010, as well as popstar Miley Cyrus’s quick rise to fame, for a while it seemed like Cyrus was everywhere.

It may not be as ubiquitous in 2012, but a celebrity baby name is just what the name needs to help kick its already rising status in to high gear. Most popular in the late 19th century, Cyrus is currently ranked at No. 514 and is believed to be derived from the Greek word for “lord.” It also has connections in Persia, where it is a name for the sun and the name of several kings.

Cyrus Michael Christopher joins the increasing ranks of celebrity babies with two middle names. Michael is Dancy’s middle name and Christopher is Danes’s father’s first name.

What do you think of Cyrus? Might it continue to rise?