Co-Bathers; When Do You Call It Quits?

My son and daughter like to bathe together. I watch them interact and play well, most of the time. I’m also there to get to the questions my son asks at random like…

“Why is my pee-pee there and Hallie’s is missing?” or “Does Hallie know she’s not a boy?” 

To me, this is a big indicator that he’s becoming aware of his body. I figure all children hit this stage in their life around 4-7, it depends on the child, of course. The only communication we seem to have on a regular basis with our son about his private parts is not dressing in front of a window. He doesn’t seem to understand that there are people who can see him and that his privates are called that for a reason. For him, it’s just another way to be excited and show his innocence during his phallic stage.

Soon, he will be wanting his privacy. I think that will be the way we know he’ll be taking his baths alone. He’ll debunk the duel bathing and opt for his “me-time.” I just hope that won’t be too soon because it’s so much easier to bathe them as a team!!

When did your child say they wanted to bathe alone or ask for privacy?