Shot of a mother and daughter using a laptop for video chat on the living room floor

When my son was two, he was learning his words at a rapid pace. He, also, was a fanatic over Thomas the Tank Engine. His favorite train? Percy.

As predicted, he would inherit his mom’s lisp. So when he said his R’s, they came out as S’s. Of course, at two this was clearly adorable. Especially the time we went to dinner with friends and he put on his best flirt to the waitress. Since he carried his favorite train with him everywhere, he was happy to share with her that he loved “Percy.” Except it sounded a whole lot more “uss” and a lot less “erc.”

Ah, youth.

Now, our daughter is talking at the same rapid rate. She’s repeating and mimicking so much at times that we are surprised when she does say certain words. Words we never knew she knew. Thanks to her big brother, her vocabulary grows every minute.

With this knowledge, we are trying to watch what he says but the thing is… We can’t help the pronunciation.

For example….

My kids have become obsessed with eating popcorn. Knowing fair well that my dentist bills will be a nightmare with said obsession. I’m lucky that my kids have no aversion to brushing their teeth. They play “movie theater” and I close all blinds and put on a movie from Netflix. Shortly after are the cries of my children: “Popcorn!!” “Please!!!”

Except that’s how my son sounds. My daughter loses the “p” on the first word and the “l” on the second.

“Cockcorn, pease!”

Now, I know many of you parents have had similar fun little moments watching your babies evolve to toddlers. I, for one, get the best joy when my kids say things so innocently and yet it could be used to name a movie on Cinemax.

Hurray for dirty words out of the mouths of our babes.