Cool Pregnancy Tip: Skip the Maternity Pants

jeans and measuring tape

Not ready for maternity clothes? Not digging the Bellaband? Here’s another way to extend the life of your pre-preg pants:

The Elastic Trick

What you’ll need:

  • ponytail holder or a plain old rubber band
  • pants or a skirt with a top button

What to do:

  1. Thread the elastic through the top buttonhole of your pants or skirt.
  2. Bring the back loop of the elastic (the one closest to your belly) up through the center of the front loop and then pull it until the front loop cinches tight against the edge of the pants/skirt fly.
  3. Put the remaining loop around the button, pull your shirt down, and you’re done!

Here’s a photo tutorial showing all the steps. (I used a bright colored elastic so you’d be able to see it better, but when I do this for real, I pick a color closer to the pants I’m wearing.)

I happen to love the ease of maternity pants (easy on, easy off for all those trips to the bathroom), but if you don’t, or if you’d rather spend your money on clothes for the baby instead of clothes for yourself, this is a great option for expanding your wardrobe for your expanding body. If you’re carrying your baby high in your belly, you might even be able to use this trick throughout your pregnancy!