Couple Lets Facebook Name Their Baby

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I doubt it’s the first time this has happened, and I’m positive it won’t be the last. On January 31, 2012, a baby girl was born to parents who, get this, let Facebook choose her name. That’s right, Facebook – home to Farmville and LOLcats and photos of your junior high boyfriend sporting the same bad mullet he had 20 years ago.

Last fall, Illinois couple Dave and Lindsey Meske found out they were having a baby girl, which was unfortunate only because they’d decided on a boy name – Cooper – but couldn’t agree on a name for a daughter.

After much debate, they decided to put it to a vote. The couple created a Facebook page called Name My Child and asked family and friends (and strangers and ex-boyfriends with mullets) to choose between the four names on their shortlist: Addilyne, Madelyn, Emily, and McKenna.

The poll received a total of 1,310 votes (not a huge number, but certainly more than the TWO votes that will count when I name my own baby), and the winner was…Madelyn Rae Meske (the mother’s top choice all along). The Facebook page is now home to updates and photos about baby Madelyn, who’s now almost 2 weeks old.

OK, the fact that they at least narrowed down the choices makes me feel better about this whole thing. The parents were going to end up with a name they at least liked a little bit, there was no reason they had to go with what voters chose, and no one could start a campaign to have thousands of people vote for something completely crazy. (Even the owner of the page that promised a baby would be named Megatron– yes, after the Transformer – if the page got a million Likes reported that the infant ended up being named Dylan.)

Still…even if my husband and I couldn’t decide on a name for our baby, Facebook would never in a million years be the place I’d turn to for help. Are you with me?

Let’s have a poll of our own:

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