Create and Find Fun, Easy Holiday Photo Gifts

a young boy opening christmas presents

The holiday season is fully upon us! Even those of us who resist any holiday preparations prior to Thanksgiving have to admit—it is time. And of course, here on Mom365 we have been talking about holiday photos and gifts for a couple of months now.

Don’t worry, if you missed any of those posts, it’s not too late. Here is a summary of all the holiday related goodness we’ve been covering:

Holiday photo cards

Holiday photos and gifts: an overview of what I’m thinking about so you can start thinking about your own holidays and which of these projects you want to take on for yourself.

Top 3 tips for successful holiday card photos: some surprising suggestions on how to capture that often elusive family photo for your card (and don’t forget to download my stress-free holiday card workbook—there is still time to create this year’s card!)

Holiday Photo Card advice: wisdom from the Mom365 twitter chat

My favorite holiday photo card ideas: three stylish holiday card ideas you can’t go wrong with

Photo gifts for family and friends

Top 5 photo gift ideas: gifts incorporating your beautiful photos that you can give to others

More photo gift ideas: includes some of my favorite holiday gift giving traditions

Photography gifts for you!

The Photography Gift Guide: send Santa a link to this blog post and you’ll be all set!

Now that we’ve covered holiday photo cards and gifts, we’ll be moving into holiday preparation big time! Check back over the next few weeks as I will be sharing my tips for capturing the holidays, what to wear for holiday photos, easy family portraits, holiday photo projects for kids, gifts for budding little photographers as well as finding real moments of quiet amidst the chaos that you will treasure.

And if you haven’t finished your holiday card photo yet, have no fear.  My Holiday Card Workbook has tips even procrastinators will love!