Cute Maternity Underwear

Maternity wear

One thing I haven’t had to buy in the maternity department (yet?) is bras and panties. Generous elastic and comfortable cuts in the underwear I already own means I’m getting by just fine for now, and I’ve always hoped it would stay this way because, I’m sorry, but have you looked at maternity underwear and bras in stores lately? A lot of it is…not cute. Really, really not cute. It’s oversized, plain, and sometimes downright ugly – not the sort of thing I’d ever get excited about.

But now look at the darling collection from Cake Lingerie. (Mmmmm…cake.) It’s some of the best stuff I’ve seen out there for pregnant women, and the line isn’t limited to just maternity bras and panties but includes p.j.s, robes, camisoles, and nursing wear.

Can you say Valentine’s Day gift, HINT HINT?

Above: Licorice

Above: Strawberry Shortcake

Above: Toffee

Above: Blueberry Torte camisole, robe, and pants

Have you bought any maternity lingerie? Did you go for plain and practical, or are you splurging on pieces that make you feel prettier/sassier/sexier/more like your normal, pre-preg self?