Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

two young boys in bed and fighting over a bowl of potato chips

If you have a soon-to-be new big sib at home, you might already have some sibling rivalry issues on your hands – like this mom, who’s struggling to get her 10-year-old son to embrace her pregnancy. Check out the great advice community mom Shannon offered on how she offset a little of the tension with some extra special attention and lip service to her older child while she was pregnant with twins.

“My daughter was 5 when we got pregnant with twins… She was excited at first, then it suddenly changed when we took her to one of the sonograms.  She was so upset about the babies that she did not want to even take the sonogram pictures home with us.  I think she did not like the attention on the babies during the sonogram and realized from that point forward that it would not be all about her anymore.  So I just started involving her with stuff, like feeling the baby move, ‘talking’ to the babies, helping me organize their room and clothes, helping me pick things out at the store for the babies… And of course when the babies arrived I continued to involve her as much as possible – deciding what they were going to wear, grabbing me diapers, feeding them, etc.  I also made sure to talk about what a great big sister she was to everyone (especially strangers that approached me about the babies)… “

“My daughter and I have had special 1-on-1 time nearly ever night since I was pregnant and it has really helped her realize the bond we have is not going anywhere, and the only change in additions to the family just means more to love, not any one getting less love.”

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