Denise Richards Deserves a Mom Medal of Honor

denise richards and charlie sheen

I remember when Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen got married. They looked so gorgeous and happy. They were so cute together. Then their marriage unraveled while Denise was pregnant with their second daughter, and a nasty divorce ensued. But now it seems these two are friends. And what a good friend Denise is – she’s raising ALL of Charlie’s kids!

Denise is not only a full-time mom to her and Sheen’s two daughters, Sam, nine, and Lola, eight, and her 23-month-old adopted daughter, Eloise. She was also recently named temporary legal guardian of Sheen’s twin boys with Brooke Mueller, Bob and Max, while Brooke is in treatment for substance abuse.

Richards reportedly declined the $55k per month in child support that Brooke would get from Charlie if she were well enough to parent their kids. That’s a pretty awesome lady to take on such a big responsibility and not take a dime to do it. Especially since Charlie apparently wasn’t exactly nice to Denise during their marriage.

I vaguely recall hearing about how Denise had stepped up to help out with Charlie and Brooke’s boys in the past, but I don’t remember anyone making a big deal out of it. Denise deserves credit for this! Sure, selflessness is a common trait in moms, but Richards is also a Hollywood mom. Someone else in her shoes might milk this for all its worth, and I think it’s amazing that she has not tried to use this to build up her own image. She seems like a genuinely good person who has stepped up to take care of two kids in need without expecting anything in return. For that, she rocks.