Did Kim Kardashian’s Step dad Reveal the Sex of Her Baby?

It must be pretty tough for celebrities to retain any privacy about the babies they’re expecting. Non-famous moms can sympathize with being asked so many questions about their birthing plan or the sex of their baby, but at least those questions stop after a while. When you’re famous, it’s the small talk for every single reporter you encounter for nine months. It’s no surprise that someone might slip up, like Bruce Jenner reportedly did.

Kim Kardashian’s stepdad was at an event last week when he made an interesting slip-up talking about his coming grandchild. He told Hollywood Life, “I think [Kim will] be a great mom. She’ll do a great job. Motherhood is… all of a sudden this little guy comes… or gal comes out and boy your life changes quickly. And I think she’ll adjust great. There’s nothing like it. That’s what life’s all about.”

Now, that’s a very close reading of a casual quote. Reading it, it does look as if Bruce revealed that Kim and Kanye West are expecting a boy, and then tried to cover his tracks. At the same time, it’s natural to use the male gender pronoun when talking generally. We’d have to hear it.

At the same time, Kim’s godmother Kathie Lee Gifford had a similar slip-up, but regarding the opposite sex! Back in February she said of Kim on the Today show, “She is four months pregnant, I think now, with her little girl, and I said, ‘Where’s Kim?’ and she said, ‘At the airport [heading to Nigeria].’” For all we know, the Bruce slip-up could’ve been orchestrated so that we truly have no idea what the sex of the baby is. Well, it’s working.

Moms, tell us on Twitter and Facebook: Would you be upset if a family member blurted out the sex of your baby?

Photo: Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s blog