Most Popular Baby Names for 2014

It’s that time of year again! The Social Security Administration just published the official top names list for 2014. The annual list is compiled from all of the Social Security card requests received from new parents in 2014.

If you named your 2014 daughter Emma, you’re not alone. After a five-year-long break from being the number one name in the US, Emma has taken back her crown. Last year’s top name, Sophia, dipped down to number three. Will and Kate will be pleased to know that their new daughter won’t be alone; Charlotte finally broke into the top ten after a steady rise in popularity over the last fifteen years.

For boys, Noah was tops again for 2014. The big shakeup for the top boy names this year is that Jayden has been replaced by the more traditional but similar-sounding James in the top ten. Ethan seems to be losing ground while Mason is up another point in popularity.

RankMale nameFemale name

Are there any surprises in the official list of names chosen by parents in 2014? Did you choose on of the top ten names; and if so, are you delighted, or disappointed? Let us know!