Do You Expect a Push Present?


I like receiving gifts as much as the next girl, but the idea of a “push present” – a gift to the mother from the baby’s father after the birth – has always felt a bit funny to me.

Is it that the whole concept seems so…entitled? Or that push presents are typically things that are too extravagant and impractical for my taste? (Think a tiny silver rattle from Tiffany that will set you back several hundred dollars and probably won’t touch your baby’s hands until she’s old enough to drive. I mean, wouldn’t you rather have maid service for two weeks?)

Maybe it’s that most guys aren’t even aware of this “tradition,” so the only way they hear about it is when their ladies mention it specifically. Like, uh…I did to my husband. When my first son was born, he gave me a gorgeous little necklace (not too extravagant, not too impractical), and I was completely surprised and delighted, since I’d only mentioned the whole thing kind of off-handedly several months earlier and really didn’t think he’d follow through).

I guess what I’m saying is that we certainly shouldn’t expect push presents – and yet receiving any little special just-for-mom token or keepsake at a time when everything else is All About Baby is pretty darn wonderful.

(This time, I’m secretly hoping for something more practical: a classic white rocking chair that I can spend some quality time in this summer while I’m on maternity leave.)

What do you think about push presents? Have you dropped any hints that you’re expecting one? What sort of gift would you like – sparkly and luxurious or modest and useful?