Do You Have a Holiday Shopping Limit?

two kids opening their christmas gifts

When it comes to holiday shopping, we all want to fulfill our childrens’ wish lists. We want to see their faces light up as they open that special present that they just had to have. But, sometimes those wish lists are long enough to force Santa to pick up an extra shift at the North Pole. So what happens when your child’s list contains one wish too many? Do you limit your spending or is the sky the limit over the holidays?

I know a lot of people who will rack up credit card bills they’ll be paying well into their retirement just to get all those gifts they think their children so desperately need. In reality we all know all those “needs” are just wants. Of course we want to give our kids the moon, but sometimes they need to understand that the moon may just not be in tune with mommy and daddy’s bank account.

Besides the whole money aspect, I think there is also the question of values. If we buy everything our kids want, what are we teaching them? We’ve all heard it before, but the true meaning of the holidays doesn’t lie beneath the bows and wrapping paper. It goes much deeper and doesn’t come with a gift receipt or batteries.

I’m not saying kids don’t deserve to get presents for the holidays, but I think it’s okay to put a limit on spending. It doesn’t make you a bad parent. In fact, some may argue it could make you a better one.

What’s your take on holiday spending and gifts for your kids?