Dolphin Assisted Births Making a Splash

Water Birth

When it comes to giving birth, every momma-to-be has a plan. Epidural, no epidural, no one in the room…whatever it is, you have an idea of how you want your child to enter the world. Some women opt out of the hospital setting and choose to have their babies in a tub of water. While that’s been going on for a while, there’s now another type of birth that’s making a real splash.

How would you feel if dolphins were swimming around when your baby was born? Yes, I said dolphins. Dolphin assisted births are getting some attention these days, but not everyone is ready to dive in.

A North Carolina couple is spending time at the Sirius Institute in Hawaii, preparing to have dolphins present when their child is born. Some believe children born in the water with dolphins develop faster during their first six months of life. Others think this is a downright dangerous move. Although more couples are looking into this, I have read that none have actually gone through with the plan when the time actually comes. But still, the couple says that even if it doesn’t happen, connecting with the dolphins anytime during the pregnancy still brings peace and comfort during labor. They’ve even set up a Facebook page for a dolphin baby party to help pay for their time in Hawaii. There are also reports that they have yet seen a doctor although they are five months into the pregnancy.

I do believe in the saying “To each his own” or in this case “her own”, but this one kinda freaks me out. While seeing dolphins before labor may be relaxing, I can’t say I would want them there in front of me to welcome my child. I would truly be afraid that something bad would come of it. I guess some people are more trusting of animals than I am! Although I am curious to see if this couple goes through with the plan and if others follow their path, this is not something I would ever do.