Don’t Forget the Diaper Bag!

grey video camera bag crop

You know that dream about being out in public, looking down and realizing you forgot to put on your pants? Do you know what the mom equivalent of that dream is? Forgetting to restock the diaper bag before an outing. Worst. Nightmare. Ever.

That was me this weekend. Yep. I was caught without my pants in public. Actually, it was my daughter who was left without pants, but it obviously wasn’t her fault, and to be honest, she was quite content to soak up the sun in her diaper. But, that’s not the point. The point is, I was unprepared, and it really was a nightmare.

In celebration of Memorial Day, my husband, daughter and I ventured into town for a little shopping,and decided to grab lunch. Everything was picture perfect until our food was about to arrive. I turned to look at my daughter in her carrier, expecting her still to be gazing about in awe at all the commotion and lights, and instead I saw “the face.” You know the face, the one that says, “This is not gas. This is serious business. I am concentrating very, very hard. Be afraid.”

Now, she’s 8 months old, and of course I’ve seen that face before when we’ve been out and about. It’s no cause for extreme alarm. So I smiled at my husband, slung my diaper bag over my shoulder (my suspiciously LIGHT diaper bag), picked up her carrier and marched off to the bathroom, only slightly glancing back as my fajitas arrived at the table.

In the bathroom, I pulled down the baby changing station, prepared the disposable pad and laid my little girl on it. That’s when I realized that my hand was already covered in some of her serious business. Odd. And scary. Upon closer inspection, I realized that not only was it on my hand, it was on the outside of her clothes. It was inside her carrier. And, after pulling up her shirt, I found out that she was up to her chest in it.

Holy. Moly.

Being the always prepared (HA) mom that I am, I tried not to panic. I had plenty of wipes – wait. Did I? DID I?! No. No, I did not. I had not refilled. That’s okay, it’s okay, we’ll use wet paper towels, no big deal. Fresh diaper? Check. Whew. Change of clothes? Of course– wait. No. No, no, no! And so, I found myself in the midst of my daughter’s worst explosion to date, without wipes and a change of clothes.

What was I to do? I cleaned her up as best I could with wet paper towels, called my husband to come get her (thankfully it was an empty bathroom) so I could clean out her carrier as best I could, and we got our food to go. I didn’t even have a blanket to cover her up with (did I forget I had a baby that day? What was I thinking?), so she sported a diaper on the drive home.

My new rule? Stock the diaper bag as soon as I walk in the door, not as I’m trying to rush out it. Maybe next time my daughter won’t be caught without pants.

What’s your craziest diaper story?