Easy Decorating Ideas for Your Baby’s Nursery

A young baby boy plays in his brightly coloured playpen. He is on his tummy discovering how to move and playing with his toys. He has a cheeky smile on his face.

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Blik Wall Decals Wee Gallery Growth Chart

A far-chicer alternative to measuring tape and a sharpie, this stick-on growth chart measures five feet tall. Mark annual milestones by placing individual handwritten number decals along the trunk. And the universally kid-friendly design means it’ll last you all the way to the top! $38




Modern Owl Wall Decals

owl wall decal

This little guy is adorable on his own, but he’s also little enough to make room for a bunch of his friends — good thing there are 8 different color combinations to pick from! Explore the rest of this sites designs for even more options. $8

Eye Wall Bird House Tree Decal

This elaborate (and enormous!) design is perfect for both do-it-yourselfers and those who prefer to just peel, stick, and walk away! It comes in 18 individual pieces (1 tree, 3 bird houses, 7 flowers, and 7 birds) and — if your not a fan of this default option — 36 different colors. There’s also a free practice decal included, so you can be sure the real thing is just right! $130

WALLTAT Giraffe Spots Wall Decal

You heard it here first: Giraffes are the next “it” animal. Be the first to get in on the craze with this crazy creature. Upping the cool factor, it comes in either golden yellow or deep purple — both unexpectedly perfect gender-neutral alternatives to pale yellows and greens. It also comes in 3 different size options. $69 – $117.

Pop Monkey Changing Table Mural

Whether or not your little one takes notice of the monkey dangling over his head during diaper-changing time, this over sized decal is still an adorable and easy addition to your little one’s new digs. Price upon request.

Mykea “Friends” Furniture Decal

This site is genius on it’s own, but it’s especially useful for new moms who like to show off there sense of style but may not have the budget or the time (or both, more like it!) to do it: A mind-bogglingly huge selection of beautiful designs — with a specific category just for kids — made specifically to fit several of Ikea’s most popular and universally functional (though, as even Mykea admits, universally boring) furniture lines. There are so many tempting options it’s hard to pick just one, but this moose and kitten duo are definitely a favorite, and it’s perfect for both boys and girls. € 32.50