Egg on Your Teething Remedy

Teething baby biting fingers

I love hearing about those tried-and-true parenting methods that your wise ol’ mom used, the ones she learned about from her mom. Add a little bit of homemade remedy and some “seriously, that works?!” and I’m sold. Which is why I’m loving this post from AFVetWife&Mom in the Mom365 Community. Dangling a raw egg in a nursery to soothe a teething baby? Who ever thought to even try that?

“And this sounds really really really weird, but I’ve actually had amazing results from it. I am currently an RN nursing student and while doing clinicals at a hospice, an elderly lady told me to put a raw egg in a white sock the baby had worn. Then tie a string around it, and place it above the door of their room. Now, I tried to conduct my own research and basically it is this: it is not associated with witchcraft or anything like is simply an old Southern Wives tale. Living in LA (Lower Alabama), I’ve heard some outlandish things. However, this has worked. It is supposed to take away most of the symptoms of teething. I did not even know he was getting his second tooth in! He was not cranky or anything, just a bit feverish. Now I know this sounds weird–I was one of the non-believers at first. But after living through a week of hell with the first tooth, I was up to try anything. So what have you tried that has worked?

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