Essential Tips for Taking Baby to the Beach

Little baby boy sitting on the sand

I love going to the beach. Let me rephrase, I love going to the beach alone. Now that I am a mom I know it’s my duty to show my children the wonder that is the ocean. And I did so when they were as young as 3 months old. This is what I learned:

I never leave the house without a complete outfit for the baby.

That means long sleeve shirt, pants, socks and a hat. You don’t know the temperature once you get to the beach. It says 78 degrees, it feels like 50 in the sun. Be prepared to keep your baby warm.

Sunscreen and lots of it.

Think your kid is gonna keep a hat on? Put a ton of lotion on his head and face. Just do it. You’ll thank me.

Prepare to bring home the beach in your kids diaper.

Be prepared that they are going to have the wettest, poopiest, grossest bowel movement of their little lives. If they don’t, you’ve dodged a bullet. If they do, this lady just saved your trip. You’re welcome.

Food, bottles, milk, etc. Pack a cooler for a day’s worth of supplies.

And plenty of ice/ ice packs.

Be prepared for a quick get away.

Park as close as you can. Don’t wander down a mile from your car. Don’t make the trip more laborious than it needs to be. You could be carrying a screaming, wet pooping, exhausted baby. Wanna walk through the sand for a half hour with them? Nope, I didn’t think so.

I spend 20 minutes at the beach one trip. 10 minutes to park. 2 minutes to find a spot on the sand. 2 minutes for my daughter to soil herself. 5 minutes to repack up. 1 minute to get the hell out of there.