Five Fun Pregnancy Products

Pregnant woman

Pregnancy is serious business. Which is why it’s so essential to not take it too seriously. These five things I’ve dug up can put the smile back on your face, no matter what’s happening with your back (or nose, or bottom, or skin).

The Holo Floaty Thing

If this had a U.S. distributor I would have bought one by now. It’s a pool floaty thing with a belly cut out and a crease just above for the girls. Dreamy. You can also use it on solid ground for relaxed belly-lazing. Yes, please. Huh, they actually do ship to the U.S. Hmmm. About $60 USD at


A Belly Cast Kit

One of my oldest, dearest friends is due three days before me and we’re planning to bust out the belly casting kit in about a month. This one makes casting allegedly easy-breezy fun. Since we’re both crafty/art girls, we can just get the basic kit and decorate with our own paints. Fun! $20 at

Maternity Moustache Shirt

Yeah, I bought this. It’s borderline cornball. Or, ok, total cornball. But I love it. It gets big smiles wherever I go. $20 at

Bola Musical Pregnancy Pendant

I’m against those headphones you put on your belly so your baby can appreciate the symphony or Jay-Z very, very early (seems invasive), but this is sweet. It’s a chime pendant that dangles at uterus level and comes in an array of colors. It’s a way to gently whisper tinkle sounds to your baby. And it’s pretty, too. At, $30.

Porn for New Moms

This just makes me straight up laugh. Maybe you know the first book, Porn for Women, which showed handsome, buff dudes vacuuming and doing laundry and washing dishes? More? Well, the dudes are back, and they’re taking the baby so you can nap, giving you massages, and asking, “What was the consistency of his poo again, exactly?” Love it. $12, at