Five Ways to Make Diaper Changing Easier

baby boy relaxing while receiving a diaper change

If your kid is anything like mine, there are several times of the day that you dread: diaper changes. And not for the reasons you might think.

No, during nap time I am playing the part of an animal wrangler, and my subject is a twisty, turny, crabby toddler. She’s like a Magic 8 ball; if you lay her on her side, she completely changes. The happy, giggly kiddo that had been in my arms mere seconds before is flailing all four of her limbs, aiming for anything she comes in to contact with.

Trying to get a dirty diaper off and a clean one on is next to impossible, and incredibly frustrating. Here are some tricks I use to keep her from freaking out.

1. Act extremely goofy. The kid stops mid-wail when I start jumping up and down and waving my arms, belting out the latest Bubble Guppies song. I keep shaking my head around and shaking my hips while I do a quick wipe, clip and BAM. Diaper on.

2. Create a diversion. For diapers that require a little bit more time, a little television time never hurts. She becomes mesmerized by the moving colors and happy faces, and I can get her little bottom clean without having to hold her upside down by her feet.

3. Random object distractinon. This is my favorite, I love the look of wonder on her face when I hand her my hairbrush, or my stick of deoderant. Her eyes get wide, and she starts to turn it over and over in her hands, intent to look at all sides. I’ve bought myself significant time.

4. Sell the dog out. I will sometimes call our puppy up on the bed to give her something to pet. They’re best buds, so he always brings a smile to her face, and she focuses on him, not the mean mommy who is trying to prevent diaper rash.

5. Double team. When all else fails, I call my husband in if he’s home from work. He hovers over her, kissing her face, tickling her neck and keeping her happy, while I do the dirty work.

Bonus: If I’m really just not feeling it, I’ll feign a stomachache, run for the bathroom, and call out, “Oh, honey, I think the baby needs a change,” then click the lock. Five minutes of mom time, and I get out of a diaper change. Use this one sparingly, the partners catch on fairly quick.