Fluffy Bunnies and The Super Infection

a newborn baby being held by his mother

You know that one thing you don’t want to share yet it becomes such a painful burden when it occurs, you feel the need to vent.
This one is my one thing. And it sucks.

I have a reoccurring skin infection.
Staph, MRSA, Super Bug… Call it what you wish but it’s the thorn to this rose. Very painful and very ugly.

To be clear, I’m very clean, maybe too clean. Washing hands, cleaning house, etc. Anyone can get it. Staph isn’t bias.

I hadn’t had an issue in a long time then just this week .. BOOM I got smacked in the face-literally.

Today I had to go to the ER because I couldn’t talk and the swelling had spread from just my chin to into my cheek and my neck. Scared, I took my family with me to the local ER.
It looked like I played Fluffy Bunnies with no marshmallows.

Now I’m sitting here with warm compresses and lots of pain meds, not to mention antibiotics. I’m optimistic enough to know it’ll be gone within a few days. In the meantime, it looks like I got socked in the jaw. When we went out today, I caught people giving my husband glares. It’s not funny but it’s interesting how that’s how society views a woman with a swollen face.

Besides, my husband would rather die before he’d hit me.

It’s funny that most people think staph is an insect bite or pimple. Go to the doctor ASAP. Do not pass go, Do not collect $200. Just get your butt in the Doc office. Staph is awful and untreated could be fatal. Seriously.

Maybe not a blog post you were hoping for but for me, it’s a huge weight lifted.
I never talk about this nor do many people know but the doctor I saw in the ER said something that encouraged me to write this:

If you knew how many people I see that have infections and they don’t do anything. Then they come here and I send them to surgery…for amputation.

Now that you’ve read my story, you wanna go clean your house again?