For Pregnant Moms: Creating a Photo-Friendly Nursery

Picture of a baby

Last week we kicked off our series of blog posts for pregnant moms by talking about the 5 essential steps to prepare to photograph your new baby.

This week I am sharing my tips for creating a photo-friendly nursery.

Chances are that you probably haven’t thought about creating a photo-friendly nursery… but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you have to set up a photo studio in your home.

With just a few considerations, you can maximize your home for not only the best photos but the best environment for you and your baby.

1) Pick the room with the best natural light

Observe your home at different times of day and notice where the best natural light is.

Our kids have the best rooms in the house! And natural light isn’t just good for photos, it is beneficial to overall wellbeing (in schools and the workplace studies have shown that natural light can actually improve performance).

If you can’t put the nursery where the best light is, consider creating a play area near the windows that let in the best natural light. If the kitchen gets the best light, think about positioning the future high chair accordingly.

2) Use light-colored materials and natural textures.

I put white carpet in our nursery for my firstborn and it has held up surprisingly well through two kids. In fact, we put it in our second son’s room as well. (Tip – pick a loop or hybrid loop/cut pile texture for increased durability). We take our shoes off before walking on the carpet and do messy art projects downstairs in the kitchen, but otherwise keeping the carpet clean is no big deal, and the way the white carpet reflects light really works to an advantage in photos.

Use other light materials and natural textures where you can, rather than a lot of darker colors or distracting graphics, patterns and characters. I know, the sheets covered in baby lions are adorable but they can detract from your little one in a photo.

Splashes of pattern and color are great. We have a dark brown leather sofa in the nursery that makes for a good backdrop – just make sure you have some light colors as well. White or light knitted or textured throw blankets can be the perfect home decor accessory and photo prop.

3) Look for photogenic toys made of natural materials.

You don’t have to make your entire house look like a Montessori classroom, but a few beautiful toys can go a long way as props in your photos without detracting from your little one… and they are great for baby, too.

4) Contain the clutter

Ha! Yes I know, this is pretty much an impossibility with young kids, but do what you can with cubbies, bins, and containers. You don’t have to keep your house spotless, but it’s great to be able to get background clutter out of the way for photos. I love white cubic shelving that looks good no matter what you shove into them! With a shallow depth of field it all blurs out anyway…

5) Create a space that you want to spend time in

The most important thing, not just for photos but for your life, is that you create a nursery or area in your home that you love and that you want to spend time in with your new baby. Create a warm, cozy, cheerful, bright space for yourself now following these tips and you will love the photos that you take in it too.

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