For Pregnant Moms: Tips for Photographing Your Newborn Baby

Today we’re going to close out our series for pregnant moms with my favorite tips for photographing your newborn baby.

1) Capture the moment.

Those first few days and weeks of motherhood are intense.

You’re getting to know your baby and how to take care of him or her, you’re mastering feeding, diapering and comforting your baby, you’re up around the clock and the emotions, both good and bad, are overwhelming.

Use photography to help you be in the moment as well as to capture the moment. These moments truly will be fleeting, I promise, and one day your photos from this time will bring a flood of memories back to you so you can enjoy them in retrospect.

Focus on capturing what you want to remember about this time. Use your iPhone a lot!

2) Look for natural light.

Where possible, put your baby near a window where there is good natural light, but not in direct sunlight, which will be too harsh for both your baby and your photographs.

If outside, find a nice spot in the shade, or pick a cloudy day when the light is soft and diffuse wherever you are – perfect for photos.

3) For “portraits” (rather than everyday moments) find some great knitted or textured blankets as a backdrop.

West Elm usually has a great selection. Natural colors are great but bright colors can also create a powerful pop.

Where possible, avoid blankets with distracting patterns or characters on them, at least for portraits.

4) Enlist help.

Ask your spouse or other grown-up family member to hold your baby while you photograph them.

Even if they are not going to be in the photo, you can get a wider variety of shots if your baby is being held.

5) Don’t forget to get in the photo yourself! 

Photo by Katie Jane Photography

I talk more about capturing the  moment – and getting in the photo – in my Stop Missing the Moment Workshop, get this and more great tips for making your first photo moments with baby special.