Fruity Flax Smoothie Pregnancy Smoothie

This fruity smoothie makes an ideal afternoon snack or a great breakfast to get you going!

Nutritionists are becoming keen on the benefits of whole grains and healthy fatty acids as a part of a healthier diet, especially during pregnancy. Flaxseeds are a good nutritional source of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Omega-3 not only has heart healthy benefits for you, but also has been shown to help with your growing baby’s cognitive and visual development.

There’s some debate about flaxseed during pregnancy, so speak with your healthcare provider if you’re concerned.

Fruit Flax Smoothie
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Servings Prep Time Cook Time
1people 2minutes 2minutes
Servings Prep Time
1people 2minutes
Cook Time
    Servings: people
    Servings: people
      1. Blend all ingredients together until smooth.
      2. Add a few pieces of ice if you like it slushy.