Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

a baby smiling

Whether Christmas came early for your family this year in the form of a newborn, or you’ll be visiting the newest addition to your extended family this holiday, you might be facing a challenge: What should I give a baby for their first Christmas? Here’s good news about coming up with baby gift ideas – as long as it’s new, sparkly, shiny and fun, they are going to love it no matter what. Perhaps the bigger question involves what you, your friend or your family member needs as a new mom.

That’s why the best baby gift ideas are fun, age-appropriate toys, practical gear for their parents, or a little bit of both. Use this as a guide to jumpstart your shopping and search for the perfect gift for your little one’s first Christmas.

Helpful gear for moms and babies

Every parent of a newborn could use a little extra help with the daily struggle that is the diaper change. For a gift that will make mom (and dad) especially happy, consider buying a high-quality diaper bag.

As The Wirecutter pointed out in their review of the best diaper bags, these things aren’t exactly state-of-the-art (any bag could become a diaper bag, really), but the little details go a long way. The best bags they found were those that included some helpful features:

  • A changing pad and interior that’s easy to clean.
  • Plenty of pockets for wipes, hand sanitizer, bottles and more.
  • A design that’s easy to carry in most situations.

You might be surprised to learn just how many different styles of diaper bags there are. Each one fits a particular niche or is just a general-purpose utility. After all, some of these seemingly minor features can come in handy when you least expect it.

  • Look for straps and handles that are sturdy and padded to make carrying easy.
  • For the more adventurous parents, consider a backpack-style diaper bag, which can be great for travel.
  • Dads don’t get a reprieve from diaper duty – at least they shouldn’t. Look into messenger-style diaper bags with a design sleek enough to escape the ridicule of dad’s most obnoxious buddies.
  • There are even small bags shaped like a clutch to hold a few spare changes and even fold out into a small changing pad.
ToysWhen selecting toys for infants, make sure the products your choose are age-appropriate, safe and easy to clean.

Fun toys they will love

Mom and dad might appreciate some of the more practical baby gift ideas, but the star of the show probably won’t find them much fun to play with. Here are some fun toys that the youngest infants are bound to love as their very first Christmas presents, including:

  • Toys that roll, spin or bounce.
  • Bath toys that can float or blow bubbles.
  • Soft blankets, booties, hats and other accessories.
  • Toys that help make tummy time safe yet fun.

Another baby gift idea blurs the line between fun and useful: a baby jumper, bouncer or rocker. These help parents take a load off rather than carrying around a baby all day and give them a chance to bounce or sway on their own, whether it’s play time or nap time. Rockers and bouncers are often soothing and relaxing for infants, as they mimic the natural feeling of being carried. Jumpers, on the other hand, are often filled with fun gadgets for babies to play with, keeping them distracted and safely contained while the grown-ups are busy.

There is no limit to the variety of baby gift ideas out there, so let your imagination run wild. At the same time, keep in mind a few safety precautions when you’re selecting a toy or other gift for an infant:

  • Pay attention to the age recommendations on toy packaging, and don’t let babies play with the packaging once the toy is unwrapped.
  • As any parent can attest, a baby’s idea of fun includes all sorts of touching, throwing and chewing. Steer clear of toys with small parts or sharp edges. Look for toys that are easy to clean, too.
  • Don’t hang toys with long strings, cords or ribbons from cribs or playpens, as infants can become entangled in them.
  • Teach older kids to put away their toys that might not be safe or age-appropriate for your youngest ones.

No matter what gifts you end up giving your child for their first Christmas, or gifts you buy for a loved one who recently became a parent, the same rules always apply. Keep a close eye on how babies play with their new toys to ensure it’s a safe, fun fit for him or her. Keeping all these tips in mind, your new family and everyone else sharing Christmas with each other will be bound to have a great time full of lasting memories.